A reclamation of the erotic as power that wrests it from the grip of our tired fetishes of eros and of the feminine, Become a Name identifies preparation for motherhood, for womanhood, as preparation for mastery— of joy, of sorrow, of play, of contradiction, of the ribbon on the bomb, of tenderness, of monasticism, of excess, and of feeling right against the neurotic compulsion to defend why in ways that satisfy patriarchy. This collection possesses the fugitive elegance of all well-behaved rebels who know how to breach the pattern from within it, who rename themselves again and again, against the myth of finitude.

—Harmony Holiday

“Body I have been     a home on tour, / a tourist in my home.” With a vigilant heart and a powerhouse construction, the poems in Laura Goode’s Become a Name astonish with the desire for both security and freedom — from alliance, from place, even from weather. No one writes everyday restlessness and alienation quite so cutting; no one but Goode would worry so gorgeously that  “each day diminishes like the song you loved the most.”

—Lynn Melnick

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"051112", Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo

"051112", Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo

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